How can we have distinct facial features? Suggestions for sharp facial lines

How can we have distinct facial features? Suggestions for sharp facial lines

How can we have distinct facial features? Suggestions for sharp facial lines

Nowadays, most women want to have distinct facial features. We have researched the secrets of having sharp facial lines without the need for aesthetics and filling procedures. How can I have distinct facial features? How do I make my cheekbones stand out? If you are looking for answers to your questions, this news is for you.

Due to the fear of not being able to achieve the desired appearance after the procedure and the fear of incorrect procedures causing health problems, the first choice of women in plastic surgery operations has been to investigate methods that they can try at home. Nowadays, women have beauty and aesthetic concerns, especially with the influence of filters on social media platforms. Many people with round facial features are looking for alternative natural solutions instead of opting for aesthetic and filling procedures. We have researched the methods that give jawline effect for you. Here are the tips for having distinct facial features:

You should keep your skin clean, moist and protected. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen should be applied in your daily skin care routine. Balanced nutrition, regular exercise, adequate fluid consumption and good sleep will have positive effects on your skin.

Place the outside of your fingers in the middle of your chin. Move your middle fingers towards the outside of your chin. It is recommended that you repeat this movement 15 times, especially when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Place the backs of two teaspoons under your chin and push them forward. Move the spoons towards your chin as if combing your chin. The spoon method is also very effective in straightening the jowl line. You can apply it to your moisturized skin 15 times before going to bed at night.

If you want your face to look thinner and sharper, you should start using contour in your daily massage. You can make the bone structure of your face more visible by shading with your preferred contour material, either stick or powder.

Chewing gum will make your jawline more prominent as it exercises the jaw muscles. If not overdone, it is a very successful method of relieving facial tension and activating facial muscles.

This move, also called fish lip, is simple but very effective. Pull your face inward as much as possible and wait 45 seconds. Applying this movement 15 repetitions a day will help highlight your cheekbones.

Depending on your preference in a sitting or lying position, start massaging in a circular manner, using your fingertips with a massage oil or moisturizer, with upward movements. When you apply this movement to the right and left side of your neck, your blood circulation will increase. You can perform this movement 10 times a day.


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