How to do perfect make-up? Shine all day long with 10 steps

How to do perfect make-up? Shine all day long with 10 steps

How to do perfect make-up? Shine all day long with 10 steps

Every woman wants to have perfect make-up. Professional make-up experts explained the tips for perfect make-up for the first time. How to do perfect make-up? What is the right order for the perfect look? Let’s learn together:

Beauty is an important concept for people of all ages. Nowadays, the perception of beauty has become something that women consider as important as being healthy. It is in your hands to maximize your beauty potential with the right make-up applications. We need to know the correct makeup steps to emphasize our natural beauty. Well, did you know that makeup products are more effective in the right order? Here are the tips for perfect makeup applications:

1. Skin Preparation:
The basis of makeup is healthy skin. First, cleanse your skin, apply toner and moisturize. We should not forget to apply sunscreen in every season. Clean skin always makes makeup look much better. If you skip this step, your makeup will look flaky.

2. Makeup Base:
When choosing a make-up base, it is very important that it suits your skin type. Primer smoothes your skin, evens out color tones and prevents the skin from vomiting makeup.

3. Eye Makeup
We should apply eye make-up before skin make-up. Unfortunately, highly pigmented, glittery powder eye shadows can spill under your eyes and onto your face during application and contaminate your skin make-up. Eye makeup is an important part of accentuating your looks. Applying an eye shadow that suits your eye color and outfit will make you more effective. You can make your eyes look bigger by applying sparkly eye shadow to the inner corner. The eyeliner you use should have a thin appearance, not exceeding the eyebrow line. You can achieve a more voluminous look by combing your eyelashes from top and bottom while using mascara.

4. Foundation and Concealer:
After choosing a foundation suitable for your skin type, it should be distributed with a damp sponge or brush according to your preference. You can also choose BB and CC cream for a more natural look. Hide your under-eye dark circles, redness and blemishes, if any, with a concealer that is one tone lighter than your foundation color.

You can choose a transparent powder to stabilize your skin and prevent shine. In this way, your makeup will remain fresh throughout the day and appear smoother.

6.Contour and Highlight
The contour we use to define and emphasize facial lines makes our face look thinner and more distinct. If you have a wide nose structure, the dark contour you apply to the edges of your nose will make your nose look thinner. You can add shine by applying highlighter to your temples, middle of the forehead, tip of the nose and lip line that you want to stand out.

Filling and shaping the eyebrows gives balance to your face. It is very important to use the color that best suits your eyebrow color. Using one tone darker eyebrow product can give you a harsh look. You can also emphasize your eyebrows by using eyebrow shadow instead of eyebrow pencil.

8. Blush
You can add liveliness to your face by lightly applying blush to your cheekbones. You should avoid applying too much blush.

9. Lip Liner and Lip Makeup
You can define your lip line with a lip pencil and then finish it off with a matte or glossy lipstick, depending on your preference. In this way, lips framed with lip pencil will look fuller.

10. Fixing
For your makeup to last long, you should use a fixing spray. This ensures that the makeup stays fresh and longer.


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