Secrets of Perfect Makeup

Secrets of Perfect Makeup


“Wearing make-up is indispensable for every woman. It makes you feel beautiful and good. But the important thing is not to wear make-up, but to do the right make-up. There are some tips to achieve the right make-up and the perfect look. Here are some of them…”



Make sure your skin is clean before starting make-up. You can use masks or skin cleansing gels for this. Then apply moisturizer to your face. Applying make-up to dry skin will make your face look porous.


First apply foundation to your moisturized face. Order is important when applying makeup. Apply the foundation in small spots on your face. Then, spread it on your face as if using a make-up sponge. Make sure there is no open space left. Choosing your foundation one or two shades lighter than your skin color will make it look more pleasing and flawless.


Powder will help your foundation last longer on your face. Apply the powder all over your face. If you sometimes neglect to apply it around the eyes, be very careful. Apply it to your eyelids without touching your eyelashes, so you can get a clearer and flawless look. Blush makes your face look warm. Apply a small amount of blush to your brush. Blow your blush brush lightly and apply symmetrically to your cheekbones.


Before you start applying makeup to your eyes, apply under-eye concealer to cover the imperfections under your eyes. Then, apply light shades of eye shadow to your eyelids. Light tones will make your eyes stand out.

When applying eyeliner, you should adjust its thickness according to your eye type. If you have large eyes, you should draw thicker lines; if you have lower eyelids and small eyes, you should draw thinner lines. Then apply your mascara. Eye pencil makes your eyes stand out. So don’t forget to use eyeliner.

FULL LIPS: Lips are what make your makeup look beautiful and complete it. First, moisturize your lips with a moisturizer. It is very important that your lips are not cracked. You can use moisturizing cream lipsticks. You can define your lip line with lip liner before applying your lipstick. This will make it easier for you to apply your lipstick and also make it look fuller. You can choose lighter tones in summer, and darker tones in winter.


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