Why Are Cheekbones Important for Facial Beauty?

Why Are Cheekbones Important for Facial Beauty?


Cheekbones are a pair of protruding bones located between the ears, eyes, nose, eyes and chin. Zygomatic bones are the bones that protect the eyes, nose, mouth and ear areas of the face. Cheekbones have various protrusions. The zygomatic bone is one of the bones with a sensitive bone structure by nature. The cheekbones help form part of the outer wall and floor of the eye socket.

Cheekbones constitute one of the cornerstones of facial beauty. These bones determine the structure of the face and significantly affect the balance and proportions of the face. Well-defined cheekbones make the face look younger, livelier and more attractive. It also defines the facial contour and balances the proportions between the lower half and the upper half of the face. Cheekbones increase the symmetry of the face and create an aesthetic balance with other facial features. Therefore, the effect of cheekbones on facial beauty is quite great.

The fullness of the cheekbones is a factor that affects facial beauty.

If the cheekbone area is not full enough, it may cause bags under the lower eyelids or cause existing bags to become more noticeable. Likewise, weak cheekbones can make the nose in the middle of the face appear larger than it is. Sometimes, when cheekbone area enlargement is performed instead of or in conjunction with nose reduction surgery, facial proportions approach more ideal dimensions and a more aesthetically pleasing facial appearance can be achieved.

In some cases, cheekbones may be underdeveloped from birth. Most of the time, due to aging and rapid weight gain and loss, the soft tissue on the cheekbones and cheek tissue begins to move downward and sag.

The V-shaped relationship between the tip of the chin and the cheekbones creates a rectangular appearance. This can cause the nose to appear larger than it is and the face to look older and tired.

What can be done for prominent cheekbones?

People who think their cheekbones are less prominent can resort to various procedures to have more prominent and attractive facial features. The most common way to make cheekbones more prominent is to use fillers. In particular, hyaluronic acid-based fillers can increase the volume of the cheekbones and make them more prominent. This procedure provides rapid results and usually does not require surgical intervention. Makeup is a temporary way to make cheekbones more prominent. It is possible to make the cheekbones appear more emphasized by using contouring and highlighting techniques.


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