How to Apply Eyeliner?

How to Apply Eyeliner?


“Eyeliner is an important detail that is applied to the base of the eyelashes and makes the makeup more noticeable. It is very important to apply the eyeliner according to the eye type. Additionally, applying it in a tail gives the eyes a slanting and distinct look. So, how to apply eyeliner? It is the easiest, most practical and “Ways to apply tail eyeliner”

Saddleliner is one of the difficult but most beautiful details of make-up. Practical and correct techniques are needed to apply eyeliner perfectly and beautifully. When eyeliner is applied correctly, it makes your eyes look bigger. However, if applied incorrectly, it can cause makeup to look bad. Therefore, eyeliner should be applied according to the eye shape.

How to apply eyeliner?

Applying eyeliner with a very fine-tipped brush will create a beautiful look. If you can’t manage to apply eyeliner, here’s a suggestion for you.

Look down as much as possible and draw a line as close as possible to the bottom of the lashes on your stretched upper eyelid with your hand. This line should end at the tail of the eye and should not extend outward.

If you do not want to draw a clear line on the eyelid, make dots side by side with eyeliner or draw short curving lines. Sometimes drawing a line under the eyelashes on the upper lid of the eye also gives a nice look. Make sure that it is also thin and smooth.

How to apply tail eyeliner?

First, smooth your eyelids with the help of concealer to prevent the eyeliner from smudging. You should apply eyeliner after the skin has completely absorbed the concealer.

Apply your eye shadow before applying eyeliner to ensure the permanence of your makeup. Apply your eye shadow to the entire eyelid using a brush.

Make a mark by applying your pencil or liquid eyeliner to the center of the eyelid.

If you want to do tailed eye makeup; Apply it on your eyelid up to the part close to the temples.

If there were overflows in the tail section; You can dip ear cleaning cotton into moisturizing cream and remove the excess.

If your hands are shaking or you cannot draw a straight line while applying eyeliner; To make the process easier, make dots at intervals at the base of the eyelashes. Complete the line by following the dots.

In tail eye make-up; You can use materials such as a ruler or credit card to draw a smooth line above the eyelid. Hold the ruler to your eye with one hand, and apply eyeliner in line with the ruler with your other hand.

After applying eyeliner, wait for it to dry thoroughly to prevent it from breaking or smudging. Apply your mascara after the eyeliner dries.


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