How to Do Eye Makeup?

How to Do Eye Makeup?


“Eye make-up is one of the most important details of make-up. The eye make-up applied varies depending on the time, place and various situations. However, you can do easy and natural eye make-up in daily life without much effort. So, how to do eye make-up? How to make natural eye make-up…”

Eye make-up is the most important complement of make-up. The environment, time and place to go are the most important factors that determine eye make-up. However, you can easily apply natural eye makeup in daily life. But how? Here are the details…

How to do eye makeup?

For a natural and light eye make-up, you should first choose the right eye shadow palette. A slightly sparkling eye shadow palette and eyeliner will be enough for your eye make-up. Of course, don’t forget mascara!

Be sure to choose the colors you will use in your eye makeup to match the tones of the outfit you are wearing.

You can ensure that the eyeshadow stays on your eyes throughout the day by using a base or concealer before starting make-up.

Before applying your eye shadow, apply a light-toned eye shadow to your eyelid and then apply the color of your choice.

Then apply eyeliner. Apply your eyeliner starting from the outer corner of the eye and moving inwards. Make sure your line gets close to the lash line.

Eyebrows are the most important part of eye makeup. To make your eyebrows fuller, you can use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow that matches your eyebrow color. Apply your eyebrow shadow or pencil lightly to achieve a natural look.

Finally, it’s time for eyelashes to complete your eye makeup. Curl your eyelashes starting from the corner and ending with the tips, then apply a coat of mascara.


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